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Dream about my Grandad

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Today as I was washing up, I was reminded of this dream that I had last night.

I had a dream about my late Granddad, whom died 20 years ago. He came to me in my dream and spoke to me. he asked about his children, one daughter (My mum ) and his two son's ( My uncle's). he asked If they were still not getting on with each other. if the boy (The youngest one) was O.K! he referred to him as "The boy" quite a few times, I felt that he was being supportive of me, because he knew my uncle had wronged me. he was concerned about the welfare of his family. In real life my nan died about 6 weeks ago. i really had her close in my heart and spirit for a long time, then of late I felt she had gone. Then I had this dream about my granddad. Any idea's? I sort of felt he was playing the role he would have played, If he were alive and the fact that he came to me, meant that he trusted me. does he want me to mediate between my family, as they are all having disputes over the selling of my nan and Granddad's home and the inheritance?

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