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The Bodyguard

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I'm writing this dream here basically for recording purposes only. However, any thoughts are welcome.

In the natural, before going to sleep, I heard an unusual noise several times and I was scared, so I got up and locked my bedroom door. Then I had this dream:

There was a terrible hurricane. The wind was nothing like I had ever seen! Water was everywhere and sirens were going off. I got into my closet in my childhood home, but it had glass doors and I thougth this wasn't wise, so I went to my bathroom. It had a glass window and I changed my mind again. I went to a third location and don't remember what I did after that. I treated it like a tornado instead of a hurricane. I was more afraid than I have ever been as weather related things don't normally scare me. I wasn't with any people and I felt very alone. EOD

For some reason, I woke that morning with the song, "I Will Always Love You" on my mind. Then when I went to open my door, I remembered that it was locked and that I had been scared the night before. Then the Lord asked me, "What movie is that song from?" Me: "The Bodyguard!" Awesome, Lord! You were telling me that YOU are my bodyguard!

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