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Choosing the Jesus room and being sent to Heaven

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Hi all, thoughts are welcome about the dream. Please comment :)

I dreamt the world was ending and my class from school (about 100 people) had to choose one out of three rooms: Jesus believers, non-believers, or people in the middle. I was already in the Jesus room before everyone had the chance to choose, so I believe I played some type of leadership role. Slowly but surely, people started trickling in. However, it wasn’t even as many as I thought, ~ 30 people if that many. I don’t remember all who walked in, but I remember thinking that I had a genuine like for everyone who walked in. I distinctly remember a few people walking in, one of which who said her family doesn’t have a religion IRL (I’ve mentioned her in a few dreams before, like the one where she drove me to church via remote control). I was astonished to see her and I was genuinely happy for her soul. Next I started writing in the air with some type of specialty marker that could write in mid-air. I wrote two short lines of something: the first line I don’t remember, but the second line said,”We love you, Jesus” Within seconds the sky opened up and there was bright light coming from the hole in the sky. We were warped into the heavenly hole and the dream ended.

I woke up and I felt drained. The funny thing was I woke up from a dream that I dreamt within my dream. I told a girl who's another classmate of mine who saw me wake up that I dreamt it was the end of the world and me and some of my classmates went to heaven (I quickly remembered that she wasn't in the Jesus room). She was looking at me weirdly, amazed but freaked out I'd dream something like that. I could tell she was curious which classmates went to heaven and if she was one of them, but before she asked I said I probably shouldn't talk about it (so she wouldn't have to know she wasn't in the Jesus room).
I've never really had a dream like this before. Last week I had a dream where me and some warriors had to be the 1st ones to a bury-site before our enemies beat us there to unbury an Angel (upon waking I thought it was Jesus) for the Angel to play its Godly role during a time of turmoil in the world. When dug up, there was this bright light like the one in this dream and we had to shield our eyes because of it. The Angel thanked and blessed us as it floated in the air to fulfill its purpose.

I actually dreamt of the girl beside me who saw me wake up from a dream during my nightly dream in a previous dream before titled classes downtown. She was the one who had a seizure on the floor. I thought about what my prayers were last night, and one of the things I did pray for was my class and a few of my classmates (none of which appeared in this dream last night but in another dream). We have a huge test this morning which ends our 1st module, and currently our class average is a C. I mention that because it's lower than previous class averages, so I prayed that we'd redeem ourselves.

I believe this dream may be for me to pray for my class because less than 30 people walked into the Jesus room; that's not even half of my class, not even a third. However, I was elated that one of the girls who said she was a nonbeliever in real-life was in the Jesus room! I post because this isn't a typical dream for me, and I'd like confirmation and am welcome to any thoughts. Thank you.

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