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Living in a van

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History...I cut a friendship off recently that I felt was no longer healthy anymore. We were pretty close for a long time. I know a lot about her family. This dream is about her sister in law that is pregnant Irl.

I dreamed that I came to visit my old friends sister in law (which I wouldn't visit Irl). She left her husband and her and her 5 children were living in a van. It was way lower than her standards Irl, but I was thinking wow this isn't so bad. It was almost like a rv, but a bit smaller. It wasn't trashed inside, but a little cluttered. (Irl her husband and her have had some problems in the past. I know this second hand from my old friend.) Her baby was like two yrs old already (Irl she is still pregnant). I at first was afraid to ask if it was hers, not knowing if she was able to carry full term or not bc of her age. I was trying to be sensitive and not hit a nerve. I thought she could have been babysitting for another sibling of hers. Then she addressed that the boy was hers, and I told her how cute he was! Then I seen another baby sleeping, I could tell by the nose that this was her brother in laws child, she was also babysitting.

While I was there this teenage girl brought my daughter off the bus. I thanked her for doing so. I asked how much she charged, she said $2 each time she grabs them off the bus. She also had another kid to take home from the bus stop. I thought her price was a good deal, and considered doing that all 5 days a week, equalling $10 a week.

Then my old friend that I recently cut off stopped by. It was awkward and she wanted to talk. I was reluctant. I said I had to get going, had a lot to do. I was able to avoid conflict, and confronting her...leaving successfully. I was purposely avoiding eye contact in the dream.

Any thoughts?

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