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Valentine's Day-Husband in Sales?!

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In this dream, I knew it was Valentine's Day and I had gone to our church to pick up a Valentine's gift. The lady who gave it to me was the wife of one our pastors IRL. The gift looked like several small, round hat boxes that were stacked on top of each other. When I took them from her, I had one hand on top and the other underneath the bottom box and was having a hard time keeping them balanced. They were starting to bend.

In the next scene, my husband seems to have a new job in sales of some sort (not his line of work IRL) and I was irritated that he kept bringing in groups of people into our home for this job. I could see them in the living room from another room through the door. He came into the room I was in and was explaining to me why he was doing this particular job. He showed me a piece of paper that had a list of some kind and a picture of a watch with a heart on it. I'm not sure which, but either he was going to win this watch by recruiting these people into the sales or the people he was recruiting would win it by their sales. The watch seemed to have great value. After he explained it, my attitude changed and I became supportive.

Any thoughts?

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