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juewls davis 777

The ex again

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Hi all, I had another dream about my Ex, whom I now have not seen for almost a year.

I drempt that I was sitting in the living room of a friend of mine who lives quite far away, I have my coat on and a bag, i think I have just arrived there. It is very late. her ex is sitting in her living room and they appear to be back together. my friend is up stairs in bed as she had had too much to drink. Then the door knock's and in walks my ex........I am thinking, why has he come to my friend's house, so late and so out of his way. i am thinking If they had got together in the past and was thinking that is not a very nice thing to do, as she knows I love him............! Then my ex begins to speak, very fast and in an over friendly way. At first i think I am invisable to him. So I sit and listen, hoping to find out the truth of the situation. he seems to not see me there. Then as the conversation carrie's on, I become involved. We are then all talking and I feel as if I am testing him to see If he still cares or not. money is mentioned....it is as If I have a lot of money? and we are joking about money. Then I say I am going now, to test his reaction......and I go out of the room, open and close the front door, but instead of leaving I run up the stairs to see my friend..........then my ex comes running out in to the hall way to see where I have gone and see's me and runs after me..........!

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