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Shoes would not fit

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I was in a church foray and their was a guy who looked like Mike Epps he had alot of jewelery on the main focus of his jewelery was a head bangle like Indian women wear it seemed to be the center focus because it was like the dream center on it. I felt like the he was coming on to me but i wasn't interested then I noticed gold bracelets on someone wrist but i could tell if it was mine or his then suddenly we where in the sanctuary sitting down it seemed like we were on the first row ( I never sit on the first row at church) then I said something about my husband but I don't remember then the attention was drawn to my feet I took my shoes of (not with my hands but like slid them off) and I was tryn to hide my feet like I was ashamed by Curling my toes down then I tried to put my shoes back on but it wouldn't fit all the way my heels were out a little past the shoes.

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