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pink bicycle dream (stolen)????

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So, my one friend owns a bicycle shop and a couple of months ago they got this pink bicycle in and i thought it was such a great bicycle. it had flowers painted on a pink frame and streamers hanging from the bars and a basket up front. Really old school.

so about two nights ago i had a dream about this same bicycle. I was driving my car to a friend's house and saw this bicyle parked outside the house. At some stage i must've bought it or something because I left my car there and started riding this bicycle from one friend's house to the next. On arriving at the next friend's house (whom in real life i don't really have contact with anymore, but still pray for and think about a lot) I find her and her husband (they're getting divorced now) sitting in this big hole the size of a pool. It looks like this hole is part of their house and serves as a living room of sorts. i can see there is an atmosphere in the room like they've been having an argument, but before i can say anything, another one of my friends arrive at the house (this is the bicycle shop owner) and i show her the bicycle and tell her i finally bought it, isn't it great, but instead of being glad for me she looks really sceptic about the bicyle and she says to me she thinks the bicyle must've probably been stolen and then sold to me. I might be riding a stolen bike. And then being really confused, i woke up.

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