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Church, the ex, and the mystery girl.

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Okay so dreams and the interpreting of dreams is a totally new thing to me. So hopefully im good at explaining this. It is lengthy and the most intense dream i have had in my life.

I had a dream back in June that essentially troubled and wrecked me for a week, then i put it to rest but it never left my mind. That week i remember talking to so many different people about it, all of them were believers and they all had different interpretations, but none of the interpretations really sit right with me. All i knew is that i had my first UNDENIABLE Holy Spirit dream.

In this dream im at my church, which in real life is an OLD church building that my community purchased in the city years ago. Old pews and wood fill the building. Its full of very young college age students that are quite serious about seeing that the Lords Kingdom be brought to our city. Maybe that preface is important, i don't really know.

So Im at my church in the sitting in the back pew with a girl that i dated for 6 years(ill call her "K", mind in real life we are broken up and she is dating an old friend of mine, and we are both moved on).

In this building its just me, "k", and some girl i sensed standing next to the stage very far from us.

K and I are discussing wether or not we should get back together, at this point in the dream im the one pushing the idea, I look out the window while we are talking and its daylight outside and the guy she is currently dating in real life is standing out there. So me and "K" stand up and walk to the front door of our church and the door opens up and Tye (guy she is dating in real life) is waiting on her. She trys to kiss me and I say "no, we can't this is done". I pretend to be nice to Tye and i watch them leave together, the door closes and immediately its dark outside now.

I walk to the stage where this girl i had sense was standing, she is standing right next to the spot where i play guitar every week. She is brown haired, slightly taller than K but still shorter than me, I walk up to her. She is wicked beautiful and peaceful to be with (remember that its now dark outside and the lights are off in the building). As soon as I get up to her the lights start flickering on and off, and i ask her "do you feel that presence" and she says "yes". I said "lets pray against it" and i pray this "Lord take this demonic presence and send it to the foot of your throne and send your Angels from your throne to us" Immediately the lights stop flickering and they are off again, and it feels peaceful again.

Me and this girl (whom at the time of the dream HAD NOOO clue as to who this person was in real life) walk to the front door and we are trying to lock up the church, we are having a difficult time getting the door to lock so we could leave, as Im trying to lock this door i look outside and there are very sketchy people walking the street, and i think to myself that its not safe for us to walk to our car to leave, well i accidentally let one of these guys from the street into the church, and so once this guy is in i got the door to close. We walk down some stairs in our church and turn the corner. Now me this girl and this sketchy dude are just standing there. He looks at me as if he was about to attack me, but he looks so drugged out that i say "are you kidding me" and he comes at me, well he was so weak that i was able to quickly pin him down and put his arms behind his back. Then i woke up, i was in tears and completely troubled by it. it wasn't really that scary of a dream, i couldn't really even understand why it made me upset, but it did.

Thats the dream and what i knew about it from the day i had it. I will say i do come to know some of the things in the dream, but I kinda want to leave the information the way God gave it to me at that time. This was the start of a series of dreams that i had.

Backstory to me and K, we dated forever and had talked about getting married, she was my best friend and I could always count on her, But we were never right together, as we were always having spats that we could never deal with. She is a fantastic girl and a very Godly woman at that, but it became clear that this wasnt really what we wanted, that we would probably just be happier and have an easier life with someone else. Hardest thing for us to do was end it. I quickly let that go and can say that we will NEVER date again. I was fine untill she started dating a friend of mine, but it was only because i wasn't really ready to see her yet. There are no bitter feelings on either end in real life, what i hear she says about me is only blessings and I the same.

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