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Going back to Oregon

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I'm recording this for my own purposes, but feel free to add your thoughts.

I dreamed I went back to Oregon to meet Kay. I was in my car and tried to find in my GPS, where I had previously been my last visit (even though I flew the first time.) I finally find my destination and I say to myself, "See, you told Kay you would be back and here you are." It's not as if Kay doubted I'd be back, I was sort of convincing myself.

I meet a young woman and feel compelled to talk to her. I think we were in an ice cream shop. I ask her something about her religous beliefs and she mentions something I had never heard of. I point out a "Yeah, but..." comparing Christianity and her religion. I indicated that it was a personal relationship with Christ and she began to cry as I touched a nerve and I minister to her.

Then, it's time to meet with Kay. I show up and she is having a group therapy session and people were sitting in a circle. I see the girl from before and I think to myself, "Great. Now she is going to think I'm just as messed up as she is and she will not take what I said seriously." I reason to myself though, that I'm not participating as a patient, I'm there to learn from Kay. EOD

I'm thinking this is God confirming that I am to go back periodically to be trained by Kay.

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