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I was sitting around a table with several other people when Lynn, whom I worked with at Raintree Island Apartments asked me if I would show this lady she was with an apartment. It seems Lynn, who became weary, had been working with her for a while and asked me to take over for her. The apartment I was to show was 68-1, which was written on a sheet of paper. Also, another apartment number came up 70-1, also written on the sheet of paper. Ann, the manager, pulled me aside and reminded me that 70-1 was where that little old lady lived, and that her daughter or some relative gave me a hard time about my being a Christian.
As I proceeded with the prospect, and as I looked outside of the building, I noticed that it had rained. I looked in my purse for my umbrella, but before I could look further into my purse, there was a mustard colored umbrella sitting right on the top of my purse. Then I noticed that the prospect had already gone outside and was already a distance on the walk going around the building I was in, so I decided to go out the back door and meet her somewhere in the middle, but as I did, I could not find her. I could see the group of buildings where 68-1 & 70-1 would be. I went back to the office building to see if the prospect was there. Everyone was in the cafeteria. In order for me to get there I had to go through this tiny bathroom with two doors. The door that I entered from, there was a lady in a wheelchair that I was trying to help out. In the meantime, a little boy was entering the other door (which I would be leaving from to gain access to the cafeteria), and he seemed surprised. I told him that it was ok, I was leaving.

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