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Brad Pitt and stolen babies

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I had this dream this a.m. It was long and all over the place, so I don't know if it has any meaning.

I dreamed I was at some sort of hospital awaiting a small procedure to have a tooth extracted. When the doc came in, he put my dad under and extracted one of his teeth. There was also a friend in the dream who had the same procedure. I told the doctor that I thought I was the one who was to have the procedure. He didn't say anything and my dad woke up quickly and was just fine.

Next, I'm at some outdoor atrium just standing around and Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie walked up. Brad started talking to me and made small talk. I was sitting on a swing and he walked behind me and started pushing me. All the while, Angelina was there not saying a word. Brad was nice and easy to talk to. For some reason, we talked about fried chicken and whether or not it was the time of day where he would have to wait in line. Since it was about 3:00, I said he probably wouldn't have to wait long. I also made the decision not to ask for a picture of him because he probably had that all the time. I tried not to treat him or Angelina like celebrities. All of a sudden, we looked up and there was an apartment complex on fire. Several people held up their cell phones and were calling 911. I told Brad that he didn't need to call because so many others were calling. I noticed this baby floating in the air. I grabbed it and held on to it. I was wondering how this baby was floating and someone said it had "gas" and that it was the gas that was making it float. I thought someone in the apartments had sent it out to protect it. A man came up and claimed it and took it with him.

Then, I was back at the hospital and some of us found out that the man who took the baby had two other babies with him and he was trying to sell them on the black market. I asked my cousin to take a picture of the three babies and post it to my facebook so people would know to look for them.

Back in the hospital, my friend who had had her tooth extracted was now my other cousin. She started bleeding badly. I'm talking there was so much blood that it flooded the room. The doctors came and got her and rushed her to the OR. Her mom began saying, "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus." I also started saying it.

My cousin who was not the one bleeding, started talking about a little boy who had a cranial-facial disorder and she called him by name. I said, "That's my friend's little boy! You know of him?" She said she did and that my friend was an inspiration to a lot of people. I remembered seeing this friend at the hospital and thought I could introduce them, but when I went to do so, this friend totally ignored us. I couldn't figure it out. I tried several times, but she would never acknowledge us.

I don't remember how this dream came together in the end.

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