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Colorado-like movie theater evacuation

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I had a bizarre dream last night. A classmate of mine from high school (I was in high school in the late 1980s and this was totally out of character for this guy) walked into a movie theater with a couple of his friends holding what looked like a gun but he kept saying it wasn't a gun. I think his friends had "guns" too.

People fled the theater screaming. I remember running outside even though I wasn't very fearful and then sliding down a metal roof. I was wondering if I should tell the police about a set of keys the classmate had given me earlier in the day and eventually I decided to show the police the keys. However, when I took them out of my pocket they were no longer gold keys but black keys and I couldn't explain what had happened to them. I had the feeling the gold keys were a woman's car keys and these black keys looked like my own from a former vehicle.

I really have no clue what this dream means, but I kept thinking even when I was dreaming it it was significant.

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