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3rd Repost: Climbing a mountain an saw a bank on the bank was written( Federal Starbucks)

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Hello precious ones. I pray the Lord is moving and speaking in you and through you.

I had a dream this morning and could use your input.


I was in this like race to climb to the top of this mountain by foot with camping gear and I was the only women doing this race. This mountain takes days and nights to get to the top. It looked like we were dressed like we were back in the old western days. However each of us had to go this mountain alone. I grabbed my camping gear and began my journey. As I was traveling I saw a young boy being teased and mocked and so I stepped in and helped him fight these horrible peoples off him and then he began to travel with me because he had no parents. So as we are climbing this mountain we were climbing it swiftly as if you jump along the mountain like a deer.Then we reach a plateau and there are like old western looking buildings. As we walk in further I see a huge old western bank building and it says on the very top of the building in big green letters with the symbol, " Federal Starbucks." I said," Wow they were right when they said one of the names I was to reach on this mountain as I was going to the top was , Federal Starbucks." I thought to myself wow I did not even think it was a play on words, and it is when they said the name now that I see it, "A coffee house called Federal Starbucks in a bank." It really looks like an old huge western bank with the name of Federal Starbucks with the Starbucks symbol. Then I thought, "Oh man I need my camera to take a picture of this because people would not believe me if I told them about this. So I went back where my camping gear was and grabbed my camera. I said, Then after we take a picture we need to continue up the mountain.

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