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Little demons on attack!

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I had a dream we were in some house...I'm not sure who was with me, but I know there was at least one male and one other female. We were in a house that was under attack. There were hundreds of these little demons trying to get in. I normally don't dream like this. I wasn't scared in the dream, but was taking the place of being in charge of the plot to defeat them. I remember they were afraid of light, so we had flashlights (like in gremlins the movie). I remember rummaging through a closet...and gathering things. We locked the doors, but somehow they kept figuring a way to unlock the doors, so we had to keep guard of the door not allowing any of them in. I also knew they didn't like water. We were planning on leaving the house, but these creatures were all over outside. So we planned to come out with the hose full force....and def did so. They also had these little arrows they were shooting when we came out of the house. Somehow we had these big watermelons that we threw at them like bombs. They exploded and we used the shell of the watermelons as shields to get into the car safely. After in the car safely, I had the thought of poring gas on these little guys to destroy them once and for all!


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