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Family Dream

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My family is in turmoil. Mother is at the end of her life and she is a VERY DIFFICULT person to help in the way of care giving as everything has to be her way. My brother took over for me 5 years ago. He visits her daily but I know that of late their relationship has really melted down. Here's the dream:

I'm arriving at my mother's house and in the back yard heading toward the driveway. I see a big red fire engine truck parked in front of the garage. My mother is on the truck outside near the front, like she has been driving it. My brother is in the back end with Whoopi Goldberg. They are working on some sort of repair.

I note various kids are climbing all over the truck. It's a kid magnet. I think my brother is a kid magnet in the dream. I see my brother in the back end in a wheel chair with his legs gone and remarkably bare leg stumps are sticking out of his shorts. I think that is the most remarkable part of the dream. He is too busy working to talk. Seems like Whoopi is helping him.

We have to go to some length to get the kids off the truck. Truck leaves and brother follows me back to the house. He's got Whoopi's eyeglasses in hand and asks me if I will return them to her for him. They are big, roundish and have a strap to hold them on. I look for the truck but don't know where either the truck or Whoopi went. Wondering if I should get in my car and go looking or if I need to make a phone call. Dream ends.

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