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Someone please help.

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I don't usually remember my dreams... but this one stood out. Still gives me chills.

I was at my Grandparents house. (My parents were out of town) I went to look for keys to my house in room I was staying in. I noticed that the room had been cleaned by my grandpa. (I thought to myself that I should have cleaned it myself and that was sweet of him to do so.) I couldn't find the keys so I went outside and my aunt was helping some man on the side of the road who's car had broke down. I then noticed Collin over in the driveway (my aunts son) I went to pick him up and walk over to my aunt who was talking to the man. There was a water sprinkler on and was spraying me as I walked but when I got to the car it was gone. There were two people that had previously been in the dream they were sitting near the back of the car and they mentioned remembering the time I helped them when there car was messed up. My aunt was talking to the man (he was tall, scraggly, and had a full think beard) and she mentioned something about Collin being someone elses kid to which I responded quietly that he was my baby, when she denied him. She then whispered to me that he was hers. I felt angry and walked away to my house to proceed to see if my keys had fell in the grass I was carrying Collin and by the time we got to the house I looked around the door for a little bit but hadn't found the keys yet. my Aunt walked down and was angry saying she didn't mean it like that, that she wasn't denying Collin. she was messing with that water hose and sprayed me with it while doing so. I told her she was mean and started yelling at her. My cousin Ashlee then walked down near us. I stopped yelling and she asked us if we wanted to come up and eat with them, that they had just got supper done. I said I didn't know. She looked upset so I tried to make her feel better by asking what she had made to eat. As soon as she was about to say we noticed the clouds looking very odd. (thick and cylinder like) We then heard this awful loud noise that kept repeating it was making us fall to the ground and I said lets get to the house. (Ashlee's house) We then ran trying our best to get there but kept falling. I eventually made it in first. I handed Collin to someone. I then told Blake to help Ashlee. Ashlee and Kolbie got in the house and everyone was looking at us wondering what happened. We asked if they had heard the noise they said no that they didn't hear anything. I kept begging my cousin Jessica to mute the TV, after a couple of times she finally did and Ashlee said that it wasn't making the sound anymore. I started to describe the sound and what happened. And Ashlee said to me "Remember when this happened before but it wasn't so loud? Remember, everyone was there." and she started naming off people. (which in my dream I didn't remember all of them being there at that point) I said I did. Then we sat in the floor I was in the kitchen with Ashlee and some other girl whom which I do not know. The girl I didn't know kept looking out the window. Ashlee said "Every time it does it the clouds look funny." The girl then said for us to stay down. she kept peeking out the window. then suddenly vanished. We all started freaking out. My aunt Ellen said "The girl behind them just disappeared! She looked at them out the window and disappeared." "Don't look out the windows!" she said. We then moved to the middle bedroom of the house. I remember Ellen saying (we have 50 people) I thought to myself that there was not 50. people in the house. so she must have meant people that were important to her. we got in the middle room and I sat in the corner feeling the most terrifying fear I had ever felt in my life. I started praying and thinking to myself "If this is the end, at least I know I'm saved" (Going to heaven) I felt a warmth and comfort. Which stopped when I ceased praying. My cousin Jessica lifted up the mattress and told me and Ashlee and some other girl i didn't know to get underneath it. (the other girl was pregnant) we then got under the mattress and I could hear the rest of the people saying that they were walking around outside the windows and to lock the doors. Then Jessica said that she "Could see five shadows walking around inside the house that weren't theirs." she said "Explain that." my Aunt Ellen then came under the mattress with us and I said when you guys looked at them you didn't disappear she said no because they didn't do it to make the girl be quite they didn't it to mess with us. (then I woke up)

(I don't remember much before this part of the dream but I do remember being at a place where a guy made dog kennels and helping two strangers on the side of the road. Which is when we first heard the loud noise. but in that part it was only me and Kolbie. I remember us walking up the hill to my grandparents house and it seemed like it took forever. And she mentioned that she would go back to look for the keys at the guy with the kennels cause I may have left them there. That's when I said I look in my Grandparents house first.)

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