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Lord Chaser

flyin/soaring very high over an ocean

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Hello Saints:

Very recently about two days ago I had an usually long dream but can only remeber a few signifut seemed to only remember a few things:

One: a young attractive woman wearing a magenta shirt she was a friend to me but i sensed an evilpresence about her she hung with guys who were rough an unclean they seemed very evil
Like demons pretending to be human i never spoke with or two them only the girl we walked on concrete
Next to an ocean instead of sand it was concrete; she would walk with me up and down and talk

Two: The dream jumps to me being chased upstairs by demon-men I mentioned earlier they wanted to kill me but couldnt catch me I thought they would get me but they didn't

Three: Dream jumps again??? Im in the air above the ocean I mentioned earlier I cant tell if im fallin down to the water or if im flying down toward the water I was a little scared but not really...before i could hit the water i flew up and began to soar very vrry highi began praising the the Lord with vigor and enthusiasm the more i praised the higher i went...i have had dreams about flying before each time when i started to go up i was gripped by fear and would come down or wake up but this time i was fearless completely fearless...

Personal life: praying for a new job; wanting more success feeling limited; marriage up and down praying for deliverance; healing and restoration; recently more active in ministry

This dream for the last two days is pulling at me i pray for interpretation..please help

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Running from men who don't catch you = is always a health concern. A very scary health thing. Good news. You'll be fine.

The soaring is going to be a very exciting thing. For me, it's always some supernatural thing that comes shortly after. IN other words, whenever I dream of flying it is foretelling flowing in supernatural gifts and the 'Godly high' that comes with it.

For you, at first it's scary and you don't feel like you know what your doing, you feel like you are going to crash but then everything goes amazingly well.

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