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(reoccuring )Airplane-emergency landing

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I keep dreaming of flying in an airplane. Sometimes my children are with me, sometimes not.
Last night, I dreamed of flying and something went very wrong. The pilot finally made an emergency landing, upside-down. but everything was 'normal' afterwards. He and I had conversations. Then I was in a type of mall, with my son and his father (whom he lives with). i had moved about an hour and half from him (not sure if that was drive time or via auto).

Once my ex husband was there, as well as 2 of my 3 children. The plane started violently turning circles and swooping. After a smooth, safe landing, we were at a type of water park. But the water, was like a wall, and though it wasnt coming near us except for wet feet, you could see the massive turning undercurrent. My ex was giving one of my daughters money. [He was abusive when I was married to him]

The third, I was flying to TN to take care of a deed for my father, of which I dont have contact with in real life. It was a quick business transaction. However, I met a prominent businessman on the plane, who offered me a well paying job, starting immediately. I took it, and didnt return home. I did a lot of walking in a semi large city, and spent a lot of time in offices, and doing paperwork for him in stores and a mall (he was an owner or investor).

I am in a bad situation, believing God for deliverance. There is a call on my life for a ministry, but I am far from that point. I am planning on moving, and my ex could pose a problem with the children. I am praying for direction, and a career, I have no skill or training at this point. Not sure if any of that is pertinent.


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