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(reoccuring )Airplane-emergency landing

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I keep dreaming of flying in an airplane. Sometimes my children are with me, sometimes not.
Last night, I dreamed of flying and something went very wrong. The pilot finally made an emergency landing, upside-down. but everything was 'normal' afterwards. He and I had conversations. Then I was in a type of mall, with my son and his father (whom he lives with). i had moved about an hour and half from him (not sure if that was drive time or via auto).

Once my ex husband was there, as well as 2 of my 3 children. The plane started violently turning circles and swooping. After a smooth, safe landing, we were at a type of water park. But the water, was like a wall, and though it wasnt coming near us except for wet feet, you could see the massive turning undercurrent. My ex was giving one of my daughters money. [He was abusive when I was married to him]

The third, I was flying to TN to take care of a deed for my father, of which I dont have contact with in real life. It was a quick business transaction. However, I met a prominent businessman on the plane, who offered me a well paying job, starting immediately. I took it, and didnt return home. I did a lot of walking in a semi large city, and spent a lot of time in offices, and doing paperwork for him in stores and a mall (he was an owner or investor).

I am in a bad situation, believing God for deliverance. There is a call on my life for a ministry, but I am far from that point. I am planning on moving, and my ex could pose a problem with the children. I am praying for direction, and a career, I have no skill or training at this point. Not sure if any of that is pertinent.


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Hi Zerapromise,

I'm going to take a stab at this. I have a few thoughts here and there, but I'm not an interpreter.

I know planes sometimes mean ministry. In two of your plane dreams it seemed to have a theme. There are problems with the plane, but you come out of it all right. You mentioned there is a call on your life. This may be a warning not to get into whatever ministry you are called to prematurely.

However, planes are used practically to get you from one place to another. Considering this, it could have to do with your life situation now. You may be in transition from one thing to another. Things may be temporarily turbulent, but you'll be ok in the end. The warning could have to do with your ex-husband or your son's father (not sure if that is the same person or not.)

In the last dream you said you were taking care of a deed for your father. Is there any possibility he could represent your heavely Father, finally entering into your calling and not looking back? You were well taken care of because you went to do your father's business. Obviously this business man saw some worth and skill in you because he gave you a job. I'll go out on a limb and say that when you are obedient to God, rewards will come!(I'm not implying that you are disobedient now.)

If none of this fits, just toss it.



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