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Not being able to keep a big secret

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Irl we r waiting (me not as patiently lol) for my husband t get his assignment out of state for work, relocating us. We don't know where in the USA they will send us. I'm excited, but really anxious to start planning our move!

In my dream my husbands supervisor above him was talking to me. He says "I know where you guys will be relocating to, and your husbands promotion is so soon!" I was like, "tell me, tell me!" He says to me, "now I'm not suppose to repeat this information, but I could tell you if you really want to know." I was like, " we'll I don't want u to get in trouble...u don't have to tell me if u will get in trouble." He said, "we'll I can tell u, only if u don't tell anyone....u promise?" I said "sure, I promise!" He said "OK.........." Just as he was about to tell me our location.....

My 4 yr old son woke me up! :hmm:

Really? This is almost humorous..... bandaid

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