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A trip back home.

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Hello precious ones it has been awhile since I had a dream. However I had a blurb of one last night.


I was visiting back home in California and I saw a lady who was always mean to me. We sat down and started talking she seemed so very nice as if she was not the lady I knew before. I felt very surprised and could not believe this was the same person. She smiled allot too which she did not do much of in the past. I saw another old guy friend from a singles group back when I was in my twenties and he had a beat up truck, and half of the drivers side jeep frame was gone. Then as I was driving down a street I remembered I had an old sports car that I left in a parking lot by a store because it had broken down. IRL I did not have a sports car. Anyway I thought well now I can fix the car and drive it back to where I live now because my roommate was with me and it is an easy fix. So I asked my roommate to drive the car back for me since she was with me and I thought wow we have all three of our dogs with us how did we fit all this in my van?

lol Allot there I know.

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