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A really long bed

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I was walking down a hill and to my left was my bed, which started at the top of the hill and finished at the very bottom. I walked to the bottom and tucked in the blanket which was really hot – the warmth of 7 blankets. I knew I was only visitting for a few days- It was Wednesday, and we were to leave on Friday. I was packing up my bags ready to leave.
The night before me and a friend were in a band singing a song, everything had gone wrong. They’d stopped us early because of the crowd, not sure why. Before us, Kristen Stewart and someone else had done a song, and they had to finish early as well.
Then a group of us were getting dinner at Maccas, and I said to a friend, I’ll get a lift home with my Dad, and she said "okay, but can I take you to the top of the hill so you can buy me a bottle of water, then you can go." I said yeah thats fine. Then she turned into someone else and said something like, "I need to get home to feed my animals, I feel guilty for leaving them without food." What she was saying was also written on a billboard close by.

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