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Dream of pet dog being hit by car

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I dreamed that I was walking my dog chubbs down the hill and he somehow
broke away from me and ran down the street. I screamed
because an older blue model Cadillac was coming up the
street and just missed hitting him. He narrowly escaped.
Then as I was calling him back to me and he was coming
a white truck ran over him and it didn't appear
that he had been killed because he was staring at
me from under the truck and I was telling him to
lay down because the truck was big enough that
he could have survived. I ran to him because the
Truck stopped and the man got out of the car and
swung him at me and I caught him. I then
began to cry profusely and buried my head on his
fur. I don't know if he was dead or alive.

When I awoke my dog chubbs a small chihuahua
was on the bed staring at me.

Any thoughts

I looked up pet dog on my Christian dream book
And the definition is something precious, a friend.

I believe the first car missing my dog is symbolic
Of a close call and older issue because the car was an
Older model. The truck possibly a new issue that maybe life

I'm not sure if dream refers to a friend or my dog.
I do no my dog has bladder stones prior that
were removed and have re-occurred but I can't
afford the surgery again and I've been praying
for his healing.

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I believe this dream was specifically about my dog and God wanted me to know
That he was going to be faced with a new problem
That could leave him incapacitated. On Sunday,
It was revealed that he has torn his hcl - his knee.
I didn't no he had a knee but he will require
Surgery. As funny as it seems God knows that I
Care about my dog. I think he prepares me beforehand
In the dream because I was crying so when they told me
I was shook but not overly shook like I would have
Been if he had not loved me enough to tell me.

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