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Gathering of friends with a lot of division

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So, in my dream it's during December, because I see my house is decorated with our Christmas motif. My sister and I decide to host a sleep-over (In real-life my sister wants a chocolate party, and I want to have a friend sleep-over as well) Anyways, I invite my two friends, and my sister invites her two friends as well. Everything is going OK until my other friend shows up, she doesn't like my friend at all, She starts yelling at her and trying to push her;My sister's friend (Whose 19) goes off on her, so she calms down.

My friend gets me to a corner, she apologizes for how she acted and blames the way she acted on what's going on with her family. (In real life, her parents are going through a hard time in their relationship) I tell her I forgive her, she gives me a gift, which happens to be a purse from my favorite brand, but I feel like she bribed and manipulated me. My parents go to the store to get more snacks, when they return, my Mom gets a text from a friend asking if she can watch her son. My mom apparently forgot she agreed to, so she says yes.

My dad ends up watching him and playing video games with him. My mom tells us(the girls) to watch for his older brother whose supposed to be picking him up. when he does arrive, he looks really dark. We decide to go to our clubhouse, and on the walk there, my friend (the one who didn't bribe me) asks me if I'm OK, I told her I was.
Once we get to the clubhouse, we decide to play board games, my friend and I go to the restroom and we see the older brother coming out of the guys' bathroom with his friend, and we both smell alcohol.They start to talk trash, and push my friend, we push them back and go find my sister and tell her what happened.

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