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3 small dreams - two different days

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First snippet: I was attached to the back of
Prophet Victor Boateng. Not sure if I was being cs
carried but I was attached and my hands were
around his neck

Second snippet:

My son, aaron came into my bedroom and I
suddenly woke up in the dream wondering
why he was in my room. He was dressed in
blue undergarments which is unusual because
he is 17 and doesn't dress like that and would
never come in my room like that. He dropped
some black leather gloves on my bed and the
weight of the gloves was felt on the bed then
he walked out

Third dream snippet: I was sweeping my house.

My book dream that heal and counsel says that
the first snippet may be a need to assimilate the skills
represented by the person in dream

Blue means sadness, Holy Spirit,

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Interesting I have been to a service were Prophet V Boetang ministered. Do you feel you have or desire the prophetic anointing? Are you aiming to go higher in that anointing? Or is it possible that your dependency is on his ministry ?

Is it possible that there will be something exposed to you about your son?

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He has ministered at my church; however not to me
personally. I don't think I have a dependence on his
ministry as I have my own church. I believe that I walk in that ministry not openly but in my own prayer closet. I have been praying for his will in my life.
As far as my son, was thinking the same thing or that he was done with dirty deeds. Today learned that he made honor roll which is almost a 180 degree turn. I think it's some kind of weight he is holding onto or that he is letting go of something.

Thanks so much!

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