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Expensive steak!

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I dreamed that my family and I went on a vacation. I found this REALLY expensive restaurant that I was treating my parents to, but told them we would be ordering pizza because it was supposed to be good and it cost $12.00. However, my dad took it upon himself to order their steak for himself and my mom. I said, "Dad, their steak costs $90,000 for two people!" I became worried thinking we wouldn't be able pay for it, when the waiter said that it only cost $4800.00 a person. That was even unimaginable! I don't know how this issue was resolved.

Then, I saw a lady who IRL will be mentoring me soon. I haven't contacted her in a while. When I saw her, I couldn't believe she and her husband were there too. She didn't seem to be the type who would eat at a restaurant like that either. I didn't call attention to myself because I felt badly that I hadn't talked to her for a while. (We live in two different states.) I ended up sitting next to her and she offered me some food that she was handing me with her bare hands. I thought her fingers might be dirty and I was hesitant to take it from her. I remember focusing on her index finger's fingernail and it didn't look dirty. I then reasoned that I was overthinking things and that my perception was probably wrong, so I took it and didn't reject it.

This next part, I'm not sure if it was the same dream just a different scene or not.

I remember my dad and I were going to an LA Dodgers game (we are really Texas fans). I had bought tickets for section 126. We could view our seats from this View Master type of machine and it showed we were really close to the field. But when we went to find them, that section was outside of the ballpark and it was raining. I became upset and felt a little deceived and I refused to sit outside since we had paid good money to be INSIDE the park. My money was unrefundable.

IRL, I've had concern about the above mentorship because some of her focus in her ministry has to do with the occult and that's not really my focus at this point in my life. However, all the materials she has shared with me have proven to be good sources and others in my life have vouched for these ministers.


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Hi, Shannon -

For the first part of your dream, do you actually have family plans coming up? It could be about an event where you have made some sensible plans within the circumstances, but those with you would take advantage of the opportunity and go for something outlandish - even justifying it by minimizing the exaggerations made about it. Even so, you'd recognize that it's still too much. You didn't have an outcome in the dream, so perhaps it's a situation that's open to prayer? Also, I'm not necessarily suggesting that the "problem-makers" in the situation are your literal parents, just for the record.

The next part may be connected to the first scenario. Maybe you will have to go through that same period of reasoning like you did with the lady who handled the food with her bare hands. Look at the progression of your thoughts through this part of the dream: Disbelief at these people's association with this restaurant, then feeling a little ashamed, then hesitation on receiving from them, followed by acceptance and understanding of your own initial barriers - and their removal. I wonder if this is actually about receiving advice from someone and questioning the source of the advice. Just a thought. Ah...I just reached the end of the your post, and I see that the mentor has material that you're questioning. I can see how the dream could relate to that.

For the Dodgers game portion - I would think that this is about disappointment that would come from a realization that what you thought you were getting into was not fully explained or was misrepresented. You were forced to see what was to be or expected through a device that manipulates your vision - or, at least, only showing you what the creator wanted you to see. I don't know if this is related to the above situation or if it's separate - maybe you already know. If you're considering a commitment that's similar to this ballgame, maybe you're being shown that it's not all that you expect it to be and that you may end up disappointed and out the investment.

Just some thoughts.

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Thanks Mark,

My family is not going anywhere soon, howver I'm going on a trip to meet my mentor in Feb. We are going tp hear Dutch Sheets and Chuck Pierce in Oregon. I'll be in prayer regarding what to do about this.

I'll take your thought into condideration regarding the last part. I am considering leaving my current church and going to one much smaller. I don't know if it's regarding this or not.

Thank you for your input.

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