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Beautiful then scary dream

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My sister kept telling she really wanted to go to the place for extra credit. We were at home where I grew up. I drove her to through this underground area she wanted to go to. It was very beautiful. There was a trail to go down. There were beautiful flowers every where. Like a meadow or field. Even the leaves where beautiful. Then I was alone. I looked back and I noticed there were guards on each side of the trail to keep the children from going in the field but to stay on the trail. It seemed like a tourist site.

I walked further down and there were 3 houses out in the field. One house had toys everywhere in the yard. I walked to one of the houses and a dog looking creature ran up to me. It had white wool fur all over it but a black creature face. I was scared and ran into the house. Inside the house I noticed on the wall a man sitting in a chair with 4 scary movies by it. There was supposed to be 5 on the wall but one was missing.

Then this man walked it with a dark prescence. I was scared. My son who is 8 was there but he was grown in this dream. He tried everything to please this man. The scary part was the man was getting ready to rape me and my son was standing there naked still trying to please this man. I could not see the man face. My son picked up the man clothes off the floor to put it away and got too close to the man. The man was offended and told my son he was not guy and he would stick something up his behind to show him he was gay. Then the man put a sheet over me and got on top of me. I woke up afterwards.

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