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Christmas party w/ friends, kidnapped and held @ gunpoint

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So I'm at home hanging Christmas decoration(for a christmas party with close friends.
I begin to hear a lot of noise coming from outside. I look out the window and notice a family friends son throwing rocks at the windows of different homes on the street.
I tell my parents, my mom calls his mom and things are taken care of.

My best friend, along with a good friend of my sister's arrive for the party.
After we have cookies and cocoa, my friend and I decide to go on a short walk.
As were walking, a car pulls up, I don't like the vibe I'm sensing.

We start to walk faster,
But it's too late: The driver from the car hops out, we start to run but he catches up.
My friend and I are held at gunpoint in one the bathrooms on the golf course. I don't remember the rest of the dream after this point.

But, I do remember the portion with the bathroom part, it was filled with black smoke

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