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Guy telling me he loves me

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Hey all, here's my dream: I'm sleeping over my best friend's house, getting ready to see a movie. As we get ready, my friend says " We should go out to eat before the movie"
I agree, we finish getting ready and we get in her car.
While were in the car, I start to daydream about who I might end up marrying.
We get to the restaurant, our dinner is very pleasent, I'm generally just having a good time with my friend. Then, my friend points out this Guy, (I'll call him David)
IRL: I liked him, he liked me; but my parents don't like him.
My friend says "Oh there's David," I nod clearly not interested. He sees me, comes over to our table and says "Hey, can I talk to you outside?" I'm about to say no, I change my mind and say yes instead. When we get outside, he says "I'm just being honest, but I'm in love with you, I know it might sound crazy." I told him I wasn't ready to really tell him
My feelings yet. I go back inside and tell my friend, she nods and says she understands.
IRL: My friend just asked me last night if I liked David, I said no, and she said "Darn, I want to know who your going to fall in love with" I laughed, but said it could be anyone.
The part where I'm talking with the guy, it was pink and white

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