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dream of sadness leading to temptation

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I'm at a craft store with my mom to buy Christmas supplies. My mom goes
Into the car to get a coupon she left while I stand in line. In the dream I start feeling sad and empty. Once my mom comes back, we pay for our things and leave.
That evening, I help with a Christmas drama at my former dance studio. I help the younger girls change clothes and keep things tidy in the dressing room.

My mom picks me up once it ends, my mom asks me if I want to see the Nativity scene at our old church. I say yes, when we get there we talk to our former pastor and his son.
The Pastor's son(I'll call him PS) invites me to walk around with him.
I enjoy talking to him about the holiday and what lies ahead in the future.

He offers to drive me home, I ask my mom and she gives me the OK.
Fast forward to the end of the dream, I tell him on the ride home that I'm sad and confused about the future. I invite him in my house, my sister isn't home. My dog begins to growl at PS, I tell her to be quite. The next part of the dream takes part with PS&I in bed; I tell him he has to go or my Mom will kill him.

I text my friend what I did, she tells me it's going to be alright.

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This seems like a very literal dream... not that it will literally happen to the extent you've posted but I don't see much symbolism here.

I think it is a call to prayer that emptiness does not end in falling into temptation. Is there someone at church that you can have pray over you?

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