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Lady Titanic on drugs

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Warning...this one is odd! laugh

I dreamed I was looking into a photograph of my grandmothers and some of her past was being revealed about her ancestors. IRL she was a genealogist. Anyway, I was sucked into this picture of her family from California. This family was way more well of than I'd ever imagined..everything I was seeing was new to me. My great great grandmother was throwing a party where the women were in Victorian dresses complete with corsetts and ringlet hair. The men were in those old timey suits. Well then the people changed and zi didn't know anyone, but I knew who they were. The host was no longer my kin, but a queenly woman who was having this party for her son who was there. Her son was of age to be married but he was still very young...he also stood in line to take authority over the land once he wed. There were several young ladies there..none were more beautiful than this lady named Titanic. She wore a blue dress and resembled a British actress I see on a lot of historical films. The young mans mother addressed her son to the entire crowd who the most beautiful woman was there...all the women were hopeful when he replied "lady Titanic" but his mother called him a fool and told him of course she was beautiful, but she was also a drug addict. None of the women were interested anymore and I felt he had blown his chances at even receiving his inheritance.

This was so off the wall...can't see how it would fit my life at all.... nerd

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