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Mia Sherwood-miasherwood

Octopus in a hotel Pool

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I dreamed of a place which reminded me of Las Vegas. It was like a vacation area.
There was an Olympic swimming pool, which, the temperature of, was supposed
to help people transition from the outside of thehotel to the inside of the hotel.

The way a person transitioned from outside of the hotel to inside of the hotel
was to walk down the length of the pool, which brought them to the doors
leading to the hotel. Some people got into the pool and began walking toward the hotel

In this pool I saw huge octopi. There were two. I thought, I'm not getting in that pool. Those things are creepy.

Then, I saw two people getting into the pool.

Then, I saw the octopus following behind the people trying to imitate them.
They would put their arms together to look like legs and then
they would walk on them, and they would use their other arms as though they were real arms,
to mimic the way the people were walking while following right behind them.

Next, I saw them up close and I was surprised that their facial features looked just like they
were human. If you didn't know better, they looked completely human. I was amazed.

My thoughts about this dream:

  • This is obviously a symbolic dream.

  • Is it a message? I don't think so. I think this is about how I feel because there is no conclusion.

  • This is like I'm dreaming through Daphanie. It doesn't feel like a typical dream of mine.

  • Is it about this ministry? We hopefully help people transition from the "world' to the spirit.

  • Who isn't for real?

This is the interpretation.....

First, clue is the pool and the octopus. I know from prior dreams that bodies of water and sealife are groups/ministries and the people in them.

Where do/did I not want to be because of what was inhabiting it.

What about the people at that place was imitating the real thing?

Is it possible for people to be completely fooled by these creatures because of how real they appear to be?

After meditating on this, I realized that this dream was about a message I wrote today expressing my feelings about the issues in dream interpretation forums.

When I first became a new dreamer I was often confused about the interrpretations (wrong or contradicting) that came from the experts (people from dream interpretation forums/book authors). It left me not wanting anything to do with any of it because they people involved were making attempts to be something that they were not: Dream Interpreters. Their interpretations left me confused or frustrated and soon I was convinced it was a bunch of malarky.

But! Th good news is, that for every octopus there was a real person! We are here to be real!

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I'm certainly not an interpreter. I can't even figure out my own dreams & I havn't yet read your msg for today. When I 1st read it I though that sounds like she should leave something fake behind, even if she could be mocked for being real by the fake ones.

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God is amazing. I just began writing a topic in my book, that when you learn something through a dream, the dream is definitely prophetic.

I didn't know that octopus, in reality, often disguise themselves as something else or, in other words, pretend to be what they are not.

Following is an article, with a link to an amazing picture of an octopus in disguise. The most amazing part of the article is that it says octopus shape shift, which is what the octupus did in my dream:

The octopus's body is readily equipped for disguise. You might not think that octopuses would need to hide from anything in the sea -- they seem pretty menacing with eight tentacles and bulbous heads. But in actuality, these cephalopods have plenty to watch out for because their soft bodies are scrumptious feasts for sting rays, sharks and other aggressive fish. When the heat is on, octopuses can literally shape-shift in moments to completely alter their appearance. Sacs of yellow, red, brown and black pigment called chromatophores cover their bodies and allow them to change colors and patterns by contracting their muscles. Tightening certain muscles can also transform the texture of their skin to look like the smooth ocean floor or a craggy reef.

I find it really neat when a dream teaches me something that I didn't know, as proof that it is not my mind rehashing the days events.

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[quote="Mia Sherwood"]God is amazing. I just began writing a topic in my book, that when you learn something through a dream, the dream is definitely prophetic.


Please let us know when you finish your book, I will definitely be interested in purchasing a copy of your book in the future.

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