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Changing A Scene At The End Of A Movie

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This dream played out like I was watching a movie, and I wasn't an actual participant until the very end.

This was an older movie, which I understood to be so because it was in black and white. I was watching the final climactic moment, as if the movie had been building up to this part. There was a world leader (it was former President Reagan) whose position was being challenged by an up-and-coming evil leader who had deceived many into supporting him. The president was still in his position, but unless he diffused this situation he would be overtaken by this other leader.

In the final scene, the crowds were around the new leader in great support, expecting him to replace the president. However, the president was calm, for he knew that his opportunity to defeat this man was moment away. The two met, and there was national coverage of the meeting. All eyes were on this encounter.

Now was the president's moment. For whatever reason, there was something going on nationwide where it was the most appropriate thing to do to get down on one knee to honor the event. With everyone watching him, the president did so. The president began to defend himself, drawing attention to his challenger...who was now shamed into kneeling as well. A light was even directed at the challenger's face, further drawing attention to him. He could do nothing while all the attention was on him, and the president thoroughly exposed and defeated him with his speech.

While this event was happening, another scene was shown of a side-story that had been playing out in the movie as well. Apparently, there was a man who had been doing shady things throughout the movie...however, at the end, he had had a change of heart. He, too, was kneeling (as everyone, everywhere was) while the event was going on, which left him alone in the hallway of a building - and defenseless. An unseen gunman took this opportunity to kill the man.

At this point, I'm no longer watching - and I realize that I may be able to change this last scene. I knew that I needed to interrupt the gunman's line of sight, keeping him from seeing this kneeling man, which would mean that he would not be shot if it wasn't known that he was even there. To do so, I decided to close a door, which would obstruct the view from where the shooter was supposed to be.

The scene began to play, again, and I a little surprised to see who the assassin was: An old church-friend of mine. He walked toward the door that I had closed, and I pushed hard against it from the other side to keep it from being forced open. Then, I noticed that another door was a few feet away on the same wall, and that my "friend" was going to head over to that door. I quickly locked the first door and scrambled to the second one. The dream ends without resolution to this struggle.

When I awoke, I was actually surprised to find the sun rising just a few minutes later. :)

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