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Traveling in the spirit and a friend who barrows my stuff then gives it to others.

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Hello My precious friendy's. I have a dream I need confirmation on.


I was traveling in the spirit. I could see a friend of mine Julie in the spirit when I traveled by flying but she could not see me. She was lying on a couch she looked tied and depressed and not very happy. I went and traveled in the spirit to see another friend named Linda. Linda, and Julie, and I in real life went to mission school together.Well when I met with Linda I said, "Come on lets travel and see Julie she does look like she is doing well." So we travel in the spirit to see Julie, and I knew and had told Linda that Julie is moving soon. Well both Linda and I could see Julie in the spirit but Julie could not see us as we are talking about her. Linda said to me, "If Julie is moving then what is the point of getting to know her better if she is just going to leave. I opened this veil and asked Julie when was she moving? Julie said,"Not for another 8 years." Linda heard her and then stepped in through the veil and I fallowed suit. Linda and Julie began to talk while Julie laid on her sofa. Julie did not look very interested in the conversation she was having with Linda. As I watched them I could see Julie was just not herself at all. Then some how we got on the topic of things I left at Julie's house. Then my electric Guitar came up in conversation. (I do not have a electric Guitar in real life.) Anyway Julie said, " I let so and so barrow it and he never returned it." I got angry and said, " You always lend my stuff out without asking and it is hurtful. I had felt there was no respect for the stuff I let her barrow like other little things, now my biggest thing I entrusted her with and she lost it because the guy she let barrow it took off with it. She was like I can try and find it. I said you should asked me first if it was okay.

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