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Scraps of dreams

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Dream - a cat and dog were fighting over a large fish
Dream - A friend of my ex husband was in my bed talking to me about a man named John Johnson and the state of Ohio
Dream - a man in my dream was the height of a man that i am currently seeing but not his face but a real ugly face and the man was trying to open my door to my house but when he talked he sounded like my ex husband and my ex-husband voice was asking me what did I do, what did I do? I then yelled out to my son to call the police and I woke up.

My thoughts on last dream - it's a warning of some kind that relates to both men. One forces his way and the other talks his way into my life via my heart and mind. The situation is going to get ugly and will require police. I also believe that God is saying both of these men are one in the same.

Thoughts anyone

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