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the plane crash dream returns.

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Last night I again had a plane crash dream. Normally I would see a plane taking off and would see how it crashes behind mountains or behind buildings in city. This time was a little different. I was hanging out at a party in a house. The house was near an airport and planes that were landing were flying over the house. I saw a plane through the window and it seemed to me like an AA, SW or Delta plane. It flew low and I knew it's about to crash, but now on the house.. It was flying so low that it touched the corner of the house and we could feel the house shake. After that it span and crushed behind other buildings. A woman came and said that all 26 people have died and I was surprised because I thought the real number was 46.

Any ideas? Or maybe it is just "too much food before bed" dream? I have no idea why I see crashing planes often.

Part two - I tried to drive a car again. It was a Porsche 311 convertible with breaks that didn't work properly. Someone wanted a ride and I had to get it fixed. After fixing it became some ugly American sports car model. Breaks now worked, but I was disgusted about the looks.

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