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I dreamed I was on a vacation and I was at some kind of park. There were several helicopters flying low and I could feel them on the back of my neck. I didn't understand what they were doing. Then I saw them flying low through the trees and they were following someone else. They were irritating, like you want to swat at a fly. I don't know if they were military in training or not, but I had that thought in the dream.

Then, I was in a different place while still on vacation. I was with a tour group and there was a particular man I was attracted to. It was the same man from my horse show dream I posted a couple of days ago. Throughout the dream we would playfully banter with one another. I was somewhat concerned with my playfulness, that I would come across as whiney. For some reason, I knew he was highly educated, but it didn't affect his ability to socially interact.

I was then at yet another place with some of the tour group. We were in a really ritzy neighborhood in the mountains, but it was close to an ocean. All of a sudden, a HUGE amount of ater came up over the mountain and came up to the rooftops of these homes. I yelled, "tsunami!" No one except one lady and myself seemed to take action. We ran to a house and banged on the door. They didn't seem to be alarmed either. Then the water receded and nothing happened.

Next scene I was still with the tour group. We were at some kind of community center. Before we started I had to use the rest room (number two.) I used a lot of toilet paper. There were several ladies needing to use it too and I remember I didn't want to hold them up, but there was nothing I could do. I accidetally used a lot of soap to wash my hands, because their pumps were different than what I'm used to. Then we started a craft. This guy I liiked was there, leading a craft session. We were to paint these boxes. There wasn't much paint, but the colors I chose were hot pink and purple. I did a pretty good job, but got out of the lines a little. This guy commented on my box and said that he liked it.

The last part of the dream I had rented a jet ski to go out into the ocean. It was very frefreshing and fun. When I was finished, the guy was there to ride it too. He wanted to know what dock I used to get into and out of the water. We looked at a map and all the docks looked similar. I was a little worried that I would look silly, not knowing where I docked at. He agreed thought that they looked similar. Then I had a different perspective all of a sudded. I am very right brained and can often look at something and make a picture out of it without any effort. When I looked at the map this time, I saw that one dock was a bear, one was a lion and the third I don't remember. I knew these were significant animals in the Bible, especially in end-time prophecy, but without the foreboding. The vacation was over at this point and I wondered if he would make any attempt to call me.

I'm wondering if anyone knows what is significant about this guy in my dream and the colors pink and purple, because this is the second time in a week these two have appeared in my dream.

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