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It seems we were out in an area (maybe a field) and my dog, Yogi, took off. He would not come when called to. We searched for him, but could not find him. We left, but I was so sad. At some point (I believe another day) we came back to the area to look for him but couldn’t find him.
The next scene: I was standing and there was Yogi right by my feet. I thought he must be hungry. As we he climbed the few steps to the house, we entered the house and I fed him.

I was somewhere (outside, I think) and women were walking with their foundations worn on the outside of their clothing ( I believe they were trying them on to make a purchase). I saw Wilnette, and thought she really looks good. She had a black outfit on and I thought you can’t see her foundation.
I was in a store where they were selling these foundations and a salesman approached me with a pair of soft, white, leather gloves. I was surprised he was showing me gloves instead of foundations. The gloves had an eyelet pattern on them. I touched them and they were ever so soft. I said I use to have a pair of gloves just like those accept there was no eyelet pattern, just plain smooth very soft white leather gloves.

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