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Cooking where laundry area is, drying bedding in dishwasher???

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I had a dream last night where there were a few people over my apartment. In one scene, my co-worker (also classmate) and I were talking about his recent 2 weeks request in my living room.

In the main scene,I walked into the kitchen and saw 3 different toaster ovens on the stove. The stove must've been out-of-order in my dream because it was moved from where it used to be to a corner area and it looked tarnished. I wondered when did we get all of these toaster ovens? In real life where the laundry area is in my apartment, in my dream there was now a door and you could walk into a full kitchen area, like a restaurant's kitchen. My roommate was cooking, and then I saw two of my classmates watching her cook. In my dream I realized they lived across the street (although they do not in reality. My roommate also doesn't know these two other girls in real life). I felt a sense of peace and slightly joyous that they were watching her because it showed me a very different side of them (usually in class I just say hello and keep it moving because they are somewhat obnoxious and it disturbs my spirit). I walked back out of the full kitchen and opened the dishwasher. My roommate was drying her sheets and comforter in there along with dishes! I was shocked like what in the world?! She has got to fix this! Although she was just cooking, I knew she was now in her room. I knocked on her door and she appeared to have just came out the shower. I calmed a down a bit because I think I would have said my thoughts a little rudely. I walked her to the dishwasher and told her about her bedding in there and asked why she didn't just use our dryer (although in the dream I am unsure where the dryer would be located because of all the kitchen changes... I just knew we had one). She just said that her sheets should now be dried as she lifted them up to test it, and they were. I thought, did she even listen to the part about using the dryer?

The dream went on, but I don't remember much, just mainly those two scenes. Any thoughts?

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