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**Repost** Younger Brother has baby

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Okay, so I had a dream where My younger brother (he's 23), got married to a big headed, light skinned girl. I didnt like her but, they had a son. He was so beautiful. I cant explain how beautiful he was. He was like skinned, really light, and he could only be a couple month old. I went to see my brother in a hotel room, where he and his wife and baby were staying. It had to be like an extended stay hotel because it had a kitchen and living room. I then had the view of seeing my brother, his wife and son outside walking down the street and then them at a playground talking, even though his son was only an infant. Then we were back in the hotel. His wife was in the kitchen and then I went to the door and my brother was running in because it was raining. He had a jacket over his head because he was carrying his baby. I was waiting for him at the door and as soon as he reached it, I told him to give me my nephew. My nephew was naked, so I immediately covered him with the what I thought was a jack but really was a blanket. I had a special relationship with my nephew. I knew the rest of my family were behind me, like in the living room but the only people to hold my nephew was my brother, his wife, and me. I wouldnt let anyone else hold him.

I know this dream seems so simple but I need to know the meaning of it. The feeling I had for my nephew was incredible.


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