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Serving food to the homeless

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I'm at home with my family, I'm supposed to be helping serve the homeless with my current(and former) churches. We're running late and I don't know what time I need to be at the event, I ask my mom If I should text our pastor's wife, she says "You know she's still acting funny," I don't understand what my mom means by this.

We're on our way out the door, our old pastor's wife is at our door, crying. My mom asks what's wrong, she whispers something in my mothers ear. My mother instructs my sister to drive me to the facility for the event. When I get there, all teens are listening to the adults for instructions, it seems like it will turn out nice.

I get instructions to go with someone else to get supplies, when were in there the guy asks me, "Are you OK?" I said yes and ask him how he's doing.
He says, "Good. But I feel led to say that God has destined you for greatness,"
I tell him God told my mom that while she was pregnant with me.
We hug, two girls come in, both start accusing us of wrong doing.
The Girls march off to get one of the leaders, the leaders believe the girls over us.
I'm stuck unloading food serving supplies, I look up to see a gold cloud with the numbers 8&13

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