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So thankful for this site! (black bear dream possibly manifesting now)

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I have been lurking on this site for years. I have learned so much from Mia's wisdom. I even have deciphered many of my own dream symbols..

But this is where I finally have to sign up and offer my time and financial support to this ministry, if possible.

Yesterday morning my 7 year old son woke with a frightening dream(very rarely happens) that a black bear was attacking us in our car, and he fell out and it was confused deciding whether to continue attacking him or follow my other son and I in the car.

Knowing what I know from following this site, I was alarmed. I know the car can be prophetic and that a black bear attacking can be a serious health issue. He woke up vomiting shortly after falling back asleep.

I could have written the illness off as the cause for the dream, but I kept praying about it, and did a search of black bear dreams, and reading Mia's responses to those dreams, and some forum members experiences with such dreams.

Anyway, God has shown me this morning that the illness my son had for a few days (I thought was a virus) last week maybe was strep, and my little boy potentially has scarlet fever. This is from an internet search I did on his weird red tongue.

This is my theory at least. We are going to the doctor right now for diagnosis. I would not have caught his red strawberry tongue if I wasn't in a state of high alert and prayer from the dream.

Side note, my grandfather had scarlet fever while serving on the USS Arizona during Pearl Harbor, so his life was spared( he was in the hospital during bombing), but he died fairly young from heart valve complications from this disease. God reminded me of this story through my husband bringing up Pearl Harbor just this morning.

Thank you all! Praise the Lord for sparing us a terrible illness.

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PRAISE GOD! Oh, thank you so much for this post. It brings tears to my eyes that God working through dreams and through this ministry can make such a profound impact into the lives of His people!

The symbols seem like his illness is potentially contagious.

I am praying now and will ask all the intercessors the entire community to pray as well!!!!

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He has the strep virus, no sore throat. Very early scarlet fever.
No way I would have known without this dream.
I am getting myself checked today. Pretty sure, that like you said, based on the dream my other son and I are carrying strep virus as well!

Amazing. Even my skeptical (of dreams having meaning) husband was impressed.

I had a dear friend when I was younger, who was a missionary, and she misinterpreted her dreams, leading to wrong decisions and waiting for things to happen that wouldn't.(thinking a baby dream, meant you were going to have a baby) But now I realize that there is indeed power in dreams, but that the prayful intrepretation is what is key. I hope I can teach other Christians about the "dream basics"
Thank you again!

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