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Assisting at a Cookout and a Stolen Mattress

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In this dream, I was at building that, from the outside, was very much my parents' house. Inside, there were rooms from my own house. There was a big cookout going on - lots of people were everywhere, inside and out. Inside the house, I saw a guy that I work with, and with him were two people his age - a guy and a girl (all a little younger than myself) that I did not know. I made their acquaintance and then went outside to the backyard.

Out back, a different guy from work was very busy serving the guests. He was keeping a picnic table stocked of hot dogs and buns. He always had hot dogs cooking on the grill in batches to keep the plates full. In between batches, he'd prep some of the buns by taking them out of the package and splitting them.

I felt that I should help the guy as he was working pretty hard. He was using a small paring knife in his task, so I decided that I should go inside and get a similar knife for myself to use. I went in to the kitchen and rummaged through a drawer to find a specific knife. It's not a knife that I own in real life, but in the dream I knew exactly what I was looking for. I bypassed a few knives that were the right size, but didn't have exact type of blade that I had in mind. Some were too dull, some had a serrated edge, some had wood or plastic handles. Eventually, I found the knife that I wanted and headed back outside.

However, once outside, I saw the two unknowns and their coworker-friend carrying my mattress out the front of the house into the driveway. It had the look of a simple prank, but I knew that if I didn't stop them, they weren't going to stop, either...and I'd lose my mattress. I ran up to them and jumped upon the mattress to bring it to the ground. I was quite furious at this point. The guy that I worked with disappeared back into the house, and the girl ran up to the house but crouched behind a car in the driveway. She was intimidated. The unknown guy put up a stink about it, though, and I angrily informed him that he needed to leave. He grouched some more, but eventually gave in and got in his car to leave. I stood there between some cars with the mattress and the knife, watching to make sure that he left. He took his time backing out of the driveway, making multiple adjustments to his direction (mostly because there were cars all around). I was a little concerned that he would hit another car and thus open up a whole new problem, but he never did and eventually left.

In the end, I believe that I returned to the backyard and started assisting the coworker with the cookout.

*I have thoughts on this dream, and I'm mostly putting it here for reference.

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