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Future Spouse?

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I feel a little embarrassed about this since I barely know him. He probably doesn't know I exist. But I can't get him out of my mind. I am not into him as I was before. However, for the past few years I have been having dreams about him that were not like others. Plus other stuff has happened to. Let's call this man "Adam".

First Dream: I had a dream that Adam was in love with a woman who wasn't interested in him. I knew what was going on and I was also jealous. I was also angry because she was not returning the feeling.

IRL: I had this dream when he was dating this girl. I was jealous of course but something was up. He was very happy with her. You could see it on his face, but she was indifferent. Later on. she was hanging out with a bunch of other guys and they were flirting with each other. She broke up with him and he was so upset he cried. This dream happened before she was hanging out with other guys.

Second dream: I had a dream that I was in a cafeteria and there was a pulpit area at the back where I thought my grandpa has preached before. I saw these mean girls going about in their business. Then I walked my bookbag acroos the lunch room. I saw my crush and waved to him but he didn't respond. I saw his younger brother in the corner of my eye. One of my school mates told me to go to the pulpit area. I went to my crushes older brother. We greeted eachother. He said, "We're doing the movie, How--------" The lines mean gibberish I didn't understand what he said. I thought he ment "Adopted" (a story I'm typing). But I corrected him with what I thought he ment.

Later, I went to this room where my crush was. He and other people where sleeping on a bed. I called his name and he woke up. He said hey. We talked a little and I don't remeber what we said. Then. I took off my coat and the hem of my gown was on my chest. My crush looked at my wierdly. I hide and pulled the gown down and then went back to my crush. His face expression turned normal. I said, "I'm hungry!" I looked at the clock and it turned from 2 to 11. My crush asked, "When are you going to eat?" I answered, "When I get home." That's it!

In reality, the night before I prayed for a sign from God to tell me if it's possible or if it's God's will for me do be an actress and write my own scripts. Now that i see this dream the title of my script is How I Survived.

Third dream: There was a part of a dream where my mother was encouraging Adam to take me out on a date and he said sure with a smile on his face.

Fourth Dream: All through out the dream these ancient Jews where there, speaking at times. Like in the grocery store. My crush had a problem with some rare color disease (or was it a drug). I wanted to talk to him about it, buthe didn't want to. Finally he gave in. In the mirror I was preparing to kiss him. Then, I went to his room and he was packing to go some place. Then, at a grocery store there was a two way video and he and his family were waving goodbye. Then, the ancient jewish priests came.
The end.

IRL: There have been rumors that he has smoked weed.

Fifth dream:
It was a strange dream. Adam was constantly talking to a chubby girl probably around my age. I had a feeling he was spending time with her to get to me. They were sitting on a bench on a tall green hill and Adam had his arm around her and his body was turned toward her. My uncle and I were walking up the hill. He wanted to take a picture of Adam. The girl's bigger brother thought he was being a creep and got all angry. I got in the middle. I remember telling Adam that it's all right to hang out with much younger girls (in a sense I was telling him it's all right to like much younger girls, which in reality is not). He said that he was relieved and that he thought he was a creep. The scene changes and I'm constantly moving in between these to buildings (one of them looking very neglected). I was moving using my mind. Then the mind stuff stopped. I was messing with a girl in a room by moving around so she can see me (like I was trying to make her think I was a ghost but those weren't my intentions). Some stuff happened that I can't remember. Then, I was talking about my boy trouble with a young lady (around her thirties). She was short with red hair. As we were leaving, Adam was on the fire escape of the neglected building and he was looking for me. I looked in his eyes and at him and I saw that he really wanted to see me (like he was desperate). The lady pointed it out and said that he looked like he really desired me (not in a sexual way but romantic way I guess). My aunt and uncle were with us. Then there's a short journey on us trying to get out of the apartment and I woke up.

IRL: I was worried about how Adam might not be interested in me because I am 8 yrs his junior (I mean socially). I was worried about how I could become his friend if he's so mature and I'm only 14.

Sixth dream: I had a dream about him and he was sitting in my dining room. It was in the morning and he and I were sitting with my mom. We were talking about his music. I told him I didn't like a certain song of his and he started to tickle me. The dream was very lighthearted.

Actually tickling someone can bring you two closer.

Also, one evening I was thinking about him briefly and all of a sudden I hear "You're right for him." It was inaudible. It was in my mind but it was very sudden. I wasn't even imagining anything about him or imagining being his wife. I was just thinking about him. Also, not too long ago, I had a very strong feeling that I should pray for him. It came out of no where. I was just getting my sister ready for church. I even told a friend to pray for him. The next day I learned that he had been in the ER for very severe abdominal pain. It seems to everyone that he had drank too much.

Also, I had a dream about my calling and it totally confirmed that my dreams are going to be fulfilled and he was in it. It was when this person was describing to me that God had a lot for me and I was seeing movie props and I saw Adam there too.

Also there is this dream: For some reason, I was visiting the hospital. This lady had to inject medicine into her eye. Anyways, I was going on a bad porn binge and my sister found out. She was angry because it was cutting into our playtime together so she told my grandpa. I was afraid that he would believe her. Then, it was as if I was sitting with other porn addicts and they began to masturbate roughly and I wouldn't. I was hoping that that would help him to believe that I wasn't a porn addict. Then, my sister, mom, and I left.
Then, I was on the street alone. "Adam's" brother "Benjamin" brought out a car on the street to be towed away. It was dented and had been spray painted on. He also said that he had done the vandalism on the car. I knew it wasn't his. He had two cans of spray and he gave me one and we began painting the car. I had the blue paint and he had the orange. We heard the police coming so he hid his can and I went to his apartment to put away my can. As i was walking up suddenly i felt extremely tired. It was like gravity was pulling me down very hard.
Then, it was day time and i was at school and it was time to leave. I was excited because I was going to stay with Adam until my mother picked me up. I traveled to Adam's apartment and saw out of the corner of my eye that he was at the grocery store. I walked into the lobby of his building and logged on to the computer there. I was trying to call him but I couldn't. I dialed the wrong number then it had to reload. I let the ladies after me go. I sat down and tried to remember the last time I stayed with Adam cause I knew I had done it before. I couldn't remember. Then I thought that I'll never mean anything to him.

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