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Chinese invade.

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I was sitting at my computer and i fell asleep and i had a dream.

My dream I saw that there was an invasion on the west coast. they had Chinese symbols on there helmets. They came on full force. with at least 1 million. I am in armor prepared to fight and protect the lives of many people. and as many as i can. they easily took the west coast and began marching forward with in a couple days they had conquered the entire west coast.

Next i have fallen back towards central America somewhere. I enter a building with a few people hiding inside. I have been wounded in the gut. (and i am bleeding). A nurse comes and takes out the bullet and stops the bleeding. (but i am bleeding internally). I am lying on a metal slab, Meanwhile an officer with several men enter they building. He approaches me, I tell him i cannot fight anymore and i will not longer resist because i am about to die. And he agrees to leave me be and let me die out my remaining time. Before he goes off i ask him if he would be willing to spare everyone in the building as a soldiers last request. He agrees to spare everyone, And i ask him that when i die if he would burn my body and let it return to the ground. That i was wanting to go to heaven even without a body. So that i would not present myself before the Father. With any sinful body parts. He looks at me and says you believe in Jesus too! i said yes.

This was the end and i woke up.

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