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CASTLE or Palace/HOUSE - anyone?

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Hello everyone, I want to apologise upfront for the length of this, I just wanted to give as much detail as possible :hmm:

I woke from a dream that years ago a couple (who I know irl, they owned a small construction company) had built me a house. It was old and obviously had history. It was made of stone and was rather like a castle. I don't understand how they could have built this as it was very old and no way was built by their hands. I don't know the significance of this couple, they are not believers and I do not see them irl, they left the area a few years ago.
This old house seemed to be part castle/palace, part farmhouse.
I saw my name written on paperwork for the house stating, 'this house belongs to Sharon --------'. We (husband, myself and I think poss. a couple of our children) went to visit the house, which had been opened to the public to visit and look around. There were 'servants' looking after the house. (I say 'servants' for want of a better word as these people all had their own functions to do within the house).

There was an 'announcer' (he wore clothing of another period in dark red) at the inner entrance door who told us we had to be able to tell/prove who we were to gain access because if we didn't let him know, he couldn't "announce us". I bowed my head to the floor, wondering how I could possibly prove or convince him, then as I raised my head he pulled back the thick curtain and began to blow on a long, thin (herald-type)trumpet. (I can only think that it was because of our sincerity when we told him it was actually ours, that's the feel I get as there was no way of proving it).

Going through to a garden/yard area there were men (wearing tweed and flat caps) with rifles over their arms that had just been through small openings (that were fairly concealed by the greenery and I wouldn't have known were there had I not have seen them coming back through them)leading out of the courtyard area. They had been looking for and had shot the last of some animals - pigs - small or baby pigs (although I only saw one pig and it was still standing after having been shot?).

From an aerial view I saw that the property came with some land. I never did see upstairs, only downstairs. It seems that we were now going to be dwelling in this house/castle so it wouldn't be open to the public anymore and wouldn't need all the 'servants', like the guy on the door to announce persons in.

After the garden/courtyard scene, we were walking down a hallway towards the kitchen, being escorted by a lady who was letting us know all about the place. I was looking to see what kind of oven would be in the kitchen. It was an old Aga/range-type oven. I was thinking how I was going to have to learn how to use it but not just the range, other things in the old house/castle as the 'servants' will be leaving and we will be running it by ourselves.
I wondered why this couple (that I used to know irl)had made this house. They had other children (2 boys) that they had built homes for too. I don't know if I knew about it before, or after it was first built, like the others or not. I don't think I did - not sure. I also felt there could be animosity/jealousy from the sons and their wives because this was mine and not theirs, as they had taken of what was theirs years before and now it wasn't worth much, whereas I hadn't and now it was worth much.
That's as much as I can remember, although, it feels/felt like I had seen this dream a number of times before.

THE END :hooray:

Last edited by sharon on Tue Dec 11, 2012 12:04 am; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : Repost for some input/understanding)

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