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Dream Interpretation

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Hello Everyone! I just wanted some opinions about some dreams i had quite some time ago. I had 3 separate dreams of a man but in the dreams, i'm not able to see his face. The first dream i had i was looking at myself in the mirror and i had on a wedding dress and i was very excited. The next thing i know, i was surrounded by people who were congratulating me and i was standing next to this man in a tuxedo and i gave him a hug. I looked up towards his face but i couldn't see it. The second dream i had was i was at the park sitting on a bench and this same man was sitting next to me. He was holding a babygirl and i had a toddler standing next to me. All of a sudden, this tiger starting approaching us and i became very frighten. Me, the man, and the two children huddled together until the tiger left. Once again, i tried to look up and see his face but couldn't see it. The last dream i had is i was sitting down and this same man was sitting next to me and i handed him a letter i wrote and on the envelope it said "to my future husband". Could these dreams be gods way of telling me that i do have a companion? I do have a strong desire for marriage and though that i would be married by now considering my age. I'm 28 and i had these dreams when i was about 19 or 20. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!

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