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True Flight

Jesus my Quilt

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It was one of those cold winter days. I was sitting in my dad’s rocking chair drinking hot cocoa. The logs on the fire place were crackling a song of warmth. My favorite blanket was wrapped tight around me, as if it was giving me a hug.
As I gazed at the snow threw the picture window, the silence was broken by an abrupt pounding on the front door. I wondered who it could be?
I sat my cocoa on the table, and grabbed my blanket as I headed to the front door. “Who is it I asked” threw the door as I peeked out the window. A familiar voice replied “It’s your grandma Mae”. As I opened the door, there stood grandma in her red wool coat. She had a big smile on her face and in her hand she was carrying a brown paper bag.
“Hi grandma, what’s in the big bag” I asked knowing that grandmas bring cookies or gifts. “Well, Brielle” replied grandma “If you let me in to warm myself by the fire place I will show you”.
Once in the house grandma took her coat off, made herself a cup of cocoa and sat quietly by the fire. She never once let that bag out of her sight. I sat on the floor next to grandma with my blanket. “Grandma Can I see what’s in the bag now” I said with an over excited voice.
I could hear my heart pounding with excitement and anticipation as she slowly opened the bag. There inside the bag was a brand new blanket, a quilt that grandma had hand made for me. The quilt was full of vibrant colors and adorned in hand sewn pictures. In big letters my name (Brielle) was written across the center. I had never seen a quilt so beautiful before.
My smile quickly turned to a frown as it dawned on me that grandma wanted me to have that blanket. How could she even think I would abandon my favorite blanket? My grip tightened on my blanket as grandma watched a tear form in my eye.
“What’s wrong Brielle?” grandma asked “I made this quilt special for you, I made it with love”.
“Grandma” I replied in a stern but choked up voice “This is my favorite blanket; I have had this blanket since I was a baby”.
With a puzzled look on her face grandma replied “But I made this blanket special for you”.
With all the resolve I could muster I replied “Grandma, this blanket keeps me warm at night”.
“I drank my first hot cocoa by the fireplace wrapped in this blanket”.
“I use this blanket when I stay at friends houses, it reminds me of home”
“It has been with me when I’ve played with my toys”.
“I used my blanket to warm my new puppy when we brought him home”.
“I love my blanket and I won’t give it up”.
Quietly grandma laid the blanket on the floor. Grandma pointed to a picture in the upper corner. As I moved closer I saw a picture of a little girl wrapped in a blanket drinking hot cocoa sitting by a fireplace. Next to that was a picture of a girl playing with her dad on a swing set. And yet I saw another picture of a girl playing with her dog. There were pictures of me and my dad my mom and my dog, my bike and my kite all over the blanket.
“Grandma” I said “That sure is a pretty blanket, but this is my favorite blanket “. My grip grew tighter.
“This blanket was with me when I fell off my bike and skinned my knee”.
“I sat in this blanket as I watched cartoons and laughed”.
“I cuddled in my blanket when I was sad and cried all night”.
“I love my blanket, and I won’t give it up”
Grandma then came and sat on the floor with me, she wrapped her warm comforting arms around me. With a smile she replied “I too was with you when you fell off your bike, I was the one who put the band aid on your knee”.
“I was there as you laughed and giggled and smiled so bright”.
“I held you in your blanket as you cried yourself to sleep”.
“ Now I have made you a blanket that’s bigger, warmer and full of love”.
“I made it just for you”.
“You know grandma” I said with a big smile “I think I do want that blanket after all”.
And together grandma sat in front of the fire place drinking hot cocoa, wrapped in my new favorite blanket”.

I don't want anyone to think I wrote this, God gave me this story when I first came to Jesus. God is the author, I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

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