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New apt..dejavu...a loan...saving someones toddler from falling down the stairs

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I had a dream that my husband and I were getting a new apt. Now in the dream, I felt like I had been in this place before...i was familiar to the complex. I want to say there was a comfortable feel to it, but the complex was newly renovated. There as the lady was showing us around the place, it was quite large. There was a balcony, that had a cement round large patio table on it. This I felt in the dream like I remembered from the days my husband and I were dating...when we would hang out with the young adult group, the young adults would hang out in this public area on the balcony. I didnt see the hot tub, but I knew there was one around the corner, even though the realtor didnt show us to this area.

Scene change;

In the lobby there was a woman selling candy. There were all these children with us...some were ours and some belonged to others with us. I got enough candy for all the children that were with us. They were severely overpriced! Like 10 bucks a kid. The woman at the desk said I could pay her next time. When I took the candy, I thought to myself that I didnt plan on coming back for a very long time. After I took the candy I had the feel that she had bisexual tendencies. Discerning this made me feel uncomfortable. I felt convicted taking the candy, knowing I wasnt planning on coming back anytime soon. I felt like I wouldn't end up paying th debt for a really long time. I went to take the candy back to pay in full, and she was no longer there. I didnt feel bad anymore, bc at least I tried to do the right thing.

scene change;
We were talking with the realtor in the open area that would be our living area. I could tell though, that this used to be the lobby. I could see a panel on the wall that used to be for an elevator. It was covered up by white masking tape. It didnt look bad, the tape actually blended into the wall pretty good. I started touching the tape, and I could feel the old buttons underneath the tape.

Last scene change;
We went over to where the elevator used to be, that was now a wall. There were stairs going down against the wall. There were all kinds of kids around again. There was a little toddler that was walking by the stairs. Not sure where the mom was, but she wasnt watching her baby. As the child was falling down the steps, I grabbed her by the ankle. I was laying down on the floor with my arm reaching down the stairs to grab the baby. The angle I was holding the baby at, I couldnt pull the baby up to safety...but I could hold on!!! I remember saying I wasnt going to let go till the mom came. The mom finally came, and I was still holding on to this babys ankle waiting for the mom to grab the baby. I then woke up.

Wow!! I know there is a message in this for me! Any thoughts???

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